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Our products operate cleanly and efficiently on waste vegetable oil or other waste oils.

Waste vegetable oil burns differently than conventional oils because it has about 12% oxygen in the molecules, and thus expands more during combustion. An oversize firebox may be required.

Our products are based on industry standards and have been in development for more than 20 years.

Yellow Heat Oil Burner

Yellow Heat Oil Burner can replace the AFG or equivalent in appropriate locations.

  • Markedly less expensive to run that conventional oil burners.
  • Clean burning. improves environmental safety and lowers net carbon footprint.
  • Leverages the Babington Principal with an “Uncloggable” burner. No messing filtering or preheating required.

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Yellow Heat Oil Furnace

Designed to work with the Yellow Heat Burner.

  • Low cost and efficient.
  • 85% recycled steel for cost control.
  • Double-wall construction throughout for fire safety.
  • Industrial 2-speed thermostatic fan for warm air production. Includes tempered glass view port, temperature readout and fire controls.