Yellow Grease

fry grease

The Yellow Heat Oil Burner operates on all oils, including waste motor oil, hydraulic oil, or waste vegetable oil.

We promote the use of waste vegetable oil, known as the commodity yellow grease, because it is cleaner, safer and cheaper. Let us show you how to replace petroleum with vegetable oil for central heating.

Source your Oil

We deliver to a local area, elsewhere you can help restaurants with their waste disposal problem.

We deliver oil with a guaranteed $1 per gallon savings over conventional fuel price. You can collect oil from nearly every restaurant and help with waste oil disposal problems. You can offer to reliably pick up vegetable oil, usually in the 5-gallon disposable jugs it was sold in. Offer the manager a modest amount, perhaps 25¢ per gallon, and strike a deal. Just be reliable and neat and you can collect around 500 gallons per restaurant per year, or much more in larger establishments.

Regional Western Mass Oil Delivery
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Process your Oil

Process your own vegetable oil for clean, safe and cheap heat.

Although you can operate Yellow Heat with direct oil input, this cleaning system lowers maintenance and improves operation. You can assemble yourself or we can build this for you. This oil cleaning system makes vegetable oil easy.

No filtering needed. A stainless steel screen removes particulate matter. Water separates naturally and can be drained off. The uptake system, shown in diagram, is all you need to make vegetable oil clean enough to work well in the Yellow Heat burner. Let gravity do all the work.

Vegetable oil separates into components: water, sludge, emulsions settle and the good oil is on top. Our gravity separator works in your storage tank, providing clean oil without filtering.

Floating Uptake System