Why Yellow Heat


The Yellow Heat burner, operating on waste vegetable oil, is much better for you and the environment.

There is almost no sulfur in vegetable oil, so it smells better and does not add this to local pollution and acid rain. Carbon monoxide and fine particulates are greatly reduced. And EPA calculations show a 98% reduction in net climate impact as compared to regular heating oil. Waste vegetable oil is the only option for carbon-neutral central heating systems.


Vegetable oil fuel is non-toxic, without the liability of storing a hazardous liquid.

There is no fear of a toxic spill in the basement. Vegetable oil is rated as a non-combustible liquid, so it is fire safe and safer than heating oil. Our system has an option for continuous monitoring by the internet with an app that shows system status on your phone.


Vegetable oil is always cheaper than petroleum oil.

We can deliver oil to you or you can collect it yourself. Direct collecting is legal and proper in most jurisdictions. Waste vegetable oil is often available at a fraction of the cost of regular heating oil, and a small investment can pay off big. We'll show you how easy this can be. All of our users to date save at least 90% of their regular heating costs.

Use our burners for agriculture, warehouses, restaurants, and wherever waste oil burning equipment is allowed.