Operating your System

Waste oil burners require more attention to operating conditions than burners of refined oil. Suspended matter in the oil may cause carbon build-up on the electrodes, causing loss of spark ignition. Depending on settings and oils used, cleaning these electrodes may be required as often as once per day.

We can advise you to optimize the settings and minimize maintenance needs. Cleaning the electrodes should take no more than 5 minutes per day and require the use of a single paper towel. The necessary tools for maintenance are included with each Yellow Heat Burner sold.

Download the Operation Manual

The YellowHeat App

The Yellow Heat app monitors your Yellow Heat Burner. It records operating status, room temperature, fuel supply levels and charts consumption and operation for trends. Available for iphone and soon for Android.

With your agreement, we will follow the operation of your burner. You will get notifications for fuel supply in our service territory.

Our upcoming Green Fuel Credits program will pay you $0.25 per gallon of demonstrable vegetable oil consumption when the green credits, RINs, are verified. Notice that vegetable oil fuel may only cost $0.25 per gallon to obtain, and credits can reimburse this entire cost.

Waste Oil Burners are appropriate for limited installations

Local authorities may not permit Yellow Heat to be installed in residential basements or other non-commercial locations. Appropriate locations include agricultural installs, greenhouses, warehouses, certain businesses including manufacturing and repair shops, and others. Consult your local fire marshal for clarifications.