Yellow Heat Oil Burner


20 years in development. Based on the Babington Principal, the “Uncloggable” burner head means that messy filtering of the oils is not required. Clean burning, smoke free and based on industry standards. Can be installed as a retrofit oil burner in limited circumstances. Call to discuss your plans.


  • Operates on all oils, including unfiltered waste motor and vegetable oils
  • Safer than conventional oil burners with non-toxic fuel
  • Monitoring system available with iPhone app for safety and convenience
  • Patented non-clogging Babington style burner head
  • May be fitted to appropriate furnaces and boilers as a retrofit
  • CARB calculation shows 98% reduction in net carbon footprint on waste vegetable oil

Technical SPECS

  • Yellow Heat Oil Burner Model 2100
  • Adjustable heat output between 100,000 to 200,000 BTU per hour
  • Low 300 watt electrical power consumption
  • Includes an oil handling system
  • A quiet small compressor is also needed
  • May be fitted to a 4” diameter boiler/furnace opening

Download the Operation Manual


Yellow Heat Burner for Retrofit

Yellow Heat Burner with Pumped Oil Return System

Special: Yellow Heat Burner & Furnace Package

$2,500 plus shipping

Fuel tank not included.

$3,000 plus shipping

Fuel tank not included.

$5,000 plus shipping

Includes burner and furnace.