Yellow Heat Oil Furnace


Low cost and efficient. Yellow Heat is designed to work with the Yellow Heat Burner. Double-wall construction throughout for fire safety. Industrial 2-speed thermostatic fan for warm air production. Includes tempered glass view port, temperature readout and fire controls.


  • Designed for the Yellow Heat Burner
  • High efficiency 7-tube heat exchanger
  • Two speed industrial blower, thermostatically controlled
  • Quiet operation, compact installation
  • Tempered glass inspection port
  • Large firebox accommodates oversize flame from vegetable oil combustion
  • Double wall construction throughout for fire safety
  • Temperature display

Technical SPECS

  • Up to 200,000 BTU per hour capacity
  • 78” tall 36” deep, 24” wide
  • Standard 6’ diameter chimney requirement
  • Includes fire safety shutoff switch
  • Gravity return to your oil tank, no return pump needed
  • Made from 85% recycled steel
  • Ships at 235 pounds


Yellow Heat Furnace

Special: Yellow Heat Burner & Furnace Package

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$1,850 plus shipping Does not include oil burner and fuel handling system.

$4,000 plus shipping